The name of the event, the venue, the content and even the date may change.

Please look out for announcements to follow soon


Brian Waters is now organising a BSG stick show at the Countryman Fair at Broadlands, Romsey, SO51 9ZD, on the 2nd of May 2016.

if you are going to enter a few sticks let Brian know and he will send you a ticket for the show.

Brian Waters, 357 Blandford Road, Hamworthy, Poole, Dorset, BH15 4JL

Tel: 01202 376748 mobile: 07786 228 490


Decisions from a
Hants & Dorset Stickmakers Committee meeting held at St. Leonards Village Hall
on the evening of Tuesday 19th April 2016
Attendees:- Charlie Walker: Mike Tuck: Moira Powell: Tim Elliott & Brian Waters.

Following the sudden and unexpected resignation of Kevin Moody from the committee and the club following our annual stick show on Sunday April 10th an urgent meeting of the committee was held to discuss and decide on the future of the club.
Kevin was our Treasurer and Membership secretary, he excelled in both roles and will be difficult to replace. He was an active member of the club and helped at most club meetings; he also arranged stick cutting days in woodland around Salisbury. His decision to resign was a complete surprise and he will be missed as he was a great asset to the club.
The committee discussed the impact of Kevin’s decision on the club; in conclusion the following short term decisions were reached.
Programme of events for 2016
We will continue with the planned program until the scheduled AGM on Sunday 2nd. October 2016. 
Two minor changes to the 2016 progamme are:
The event to be held on Sunday July 24th at Kevin’s workshop will now be held in the St. Ives village hall and we will concentrate on Joints and stick straightening as originally planned. (subject to availability of the hall)
The event planned for Sunday September 11th on Pyrography will go ahead, the leaders for the day will by myself and Jean Cosser.
Programme of events for 2017
A comprehensive programme of events for 2017 is planned, two more workshop days are scheduled and we hope to be able to organize stick cutting days with the help of our members and a visit to a managed wood. It is planned to hold at least one event each month but this will depend very much on the support we get for the remainder of 2016.
Interim roles and responsibilities
A discussion was held as to who would take on Kevin’s role and responsibilities of treasurer and membership secretary. The conclusion reached is that I will take on the role of treasurer along with my current role as Chairman. Mike Tuck will take on the role of membership secretary along with his current responsibilities for the web site and secretaries role.
Brian Waters, Tim Elliott and Moira Powel will continue in their role of committee members.
I will investigate changing our account from Barclays bank to HSBC as Barclays have not been helpful when trying to change our account signatories when changes of our treasurers occurred. This may take some time to implement changes but is not an immediate problem as we have two signatories who can both authorize payments of cheques for hire of the halls and expenses

Membership Renewals.
It was decided to extend the term of all memberships for 2016 from August until the AGM on Sunday 15th October 2016. The principal reasons for reaching this decision are: -
It gives us all more time to reflect on the future of the club before taking membership fees for next season.
It gives all our members more time to consider if they can and are willing to support the running of the club in the future.
We will not issue membership cards as the committee deemed that they are not necessary and increase the workload of the responsible committee member. A list of current members will be maintained.
We will review attendance numbers at the forthcoming meetings for the remainder of 2016 until and including the AGM where a decision will be taken as to the future of the club.
Help needed.
The club is now reliant on two people (Mike & myself) to undertake virtually all the administration of running and organizing the club and communicating with our members and outside agencies to organise halls, venues and visits on behalf of the club. 
Mike and I are prepared to undertake and share these responsibilities until the AGM in October when a decision on the future of the club will be taken.
We need help and support as we both have other interests and commitments to fulfil.
Without the support and help from members during the remainder of 2016 the outlook for the club is dismal.
If you feel able and willing to take on any roles within the club please contact Mike or myself.
Thank you in anticipation of your support
Charlie Walker (Chairman)
20th April 2016


Summer 2015 News Letter

To Members of the Hants and Dorset Stick Makers

Please note that due to other commitments the date for this year’s AGM has been changed, please see the amended program.

We regret that the workday scheduled on 6th September has been cancelled due to illness and other commitments.

Your committee has produced a varied and interesting program of events for 2016 which is included in your membership renewal pack for 2016. We would like more members to attend the planned meetings and workdays in order.

At our forthcoming AGM we will be introducing a project for all members to participate in during the following 12 months. The project is to make a decorated / carved thumb stick ready for inclusion in the 2016 AGM. I will present the project at the next AGM and will bring some ideas which may help.
The best stick will be chosen by a vote of all the members present at the 2016 AGM.  The rules are simple; any style / type of decorated thumb-stick is acceptable providing the complete stick has been made by the member. Each member may enter as many sticks as they wish. The winner will choose the type of stick to be made the following year from any of the following types:- A novelty stick; a one piece stick; a nose in market stick; a working size shepherds crook;  a cross handled walking stick. All of any material.

 At the time of writing we have 30 members and I would like to encourage more of you to attend the events we have scheduled for the remainder of 2015 and those planned for next year. It is your club and we need your support to make the club a success, if you have any ideas or suggestions you wish to be included in our programs please raise them at the forthcoming  AGM or let me or any committee member know and we will do our best to include them

We are not a wealthy club and most of our funds are spent on postage and hiring halls for our meetings with small amounts providing lunch for our hosts on stick cutting outings and fuel expenses for speakers and show judges. Free coffee and tea is also provided at our meetings.  We will consider bringing in a speaker / demonstrator on occasions on any topic if there is a demand from members. We have a lot of experience within the club and again if members have a special request on a particular topic we will try to oblige and arrange to accommodate all requests.

Summer is the time for country fairs and shows and our members are attending several over the coming weeks.
Remember the Dorset Do is on Saturday 26th September and the stick makers will be well represented; Brian Waters is giving a demonstration on his method of working sheep’s horn.

Our final events for 2015 are the AGM and a stick cutting day with Peter Redhead.


Charlie Walker


Spring 2015 News Letter

To all Hants and Dorset Stick Makers

At the time of writing we have 30 members and I would like to encourage more of you to attend the events we have scheduled for 2015. We have a varied program scheduled for the rest of the year and I would like you to come to the following events planned from March. 

Dec 14th 2014. Since my last letter a few members attended the stick cutting day held at Tefont Magna near Salisbury organized by Mike Cridge.  Attendance was low but several good sticks were found and the pub lunch was very good.
Our thanks to Mike Cridge for organizing the day.

Feb 8th 2015. Stick cutting day at Odstock.
The stick cutting day was well attended and everyone took home a variety of good sticks. The large woods contained plenty of good quality shanks.  Fourteen people had an excellent lunch in the Yew Tree Inn. Our thanks to Kevin Moody for organizing the day.

On Sunday March 8th 2015 we have arranged a pyrography work day led by Jean Cosser at 10.30am in the St Leonards & Ives village hall. This is an opportunity to have a go at this fascinating craft. Jean and others will offer help and advice to get you started.

On Sunday 12th April 2015 we are holding our annual stick show. There are 14 classes, members may enter two sticks in each class and entry is free. The committee will have a meeting before the show so if you have any points you would like to be raised please contact any of the committee. A separate class sheet will be published.

On Sunday 17th May 2015. 10-00 to 16.00hrs There will be a workshop at Mike Tucks house. Members may use any of  Mikes array of equipment so it is a good opportunity to get any handle shapes cut on Mikes bandsaw. Bring your workmate and some sticks to progress there will be help and advice available.  Let myself or Mike know if you have any special request for this day.

During the summer period our members will be attending various fairs and shows, they are listed in our programme of events.

Sunday 21st June 2015 10.00 to 16.00hrs.This work day is for beginners who are looking for help and inspiration to begin stick making. None members are welcome to come along to  meet and discuss  with our members. We will have experience stick makers on hand to give help and advice on most stick making topics.

Please support your club by attending the events, bring along some of your sticks and share your methods and techniques of stick making with us, we can all learn from others. I will write to you all again in time for the second half of our years events.

Thank you
Charlie Walker
February 2015


At the October AGM in 2012 Peter Wheeler, the founder of our club announced that he wished to retire from the position of Chairman and Treasurer.

The members at the meeting all wished Peter well and thanked him for all that he has done since forming the club in 2004. It was propsed that Peter should be awarded lifelong membership and this unanimously voted for.

The new Chairman will be Charlie Walker

The Treasurer - Brian Waters

Secretary, Webmaster, Events & Public relations - Mike Tuck

Membership Secretary - Kevin Moody

Committee members - Moira Powell and Tim Elliott

It was also decided that in future the "Dorset Do" will be run independantly of the two clubs by a new Committee comprising of members of the Stickmakers and Woodcarvers along with other people who will add value to the organisation.

The Innaugural meeting of the new "Dorset Do" organisation took place on the 3rd of November 2012

Club Polo shirts and Sweatshirts now available in August 2010
Pete Wheeler modelling
Mike Tuck modelling

Good quality club Polo shirts are now available with embroidered logo

and your name £10-00 inc.

if you are a member of the Ringwood Woodcarvers then have both logos with your name for £13-00 inc.

Premium quality Sweatshirts with long sleeves now available, prices:

Two logos £15-25 or one logo £12-75 with your name


Contact: Mike Tuck to order yours


It has been decided to launch a Newsletter for the members to be published three times a year in, March, July and December.

If you have any articles, photos etc to be considered for inclusion please post, or ideally email them to Mike Tuck.

February 2010 the new website is finally conceived and went on line in March.

The Stickmakers Committee continue you work hard on your behalf and planning for the "Dorset Do" 2010 is well in hand. This year we will have many demonstrations going on, some of your old favourites but a lot of new items as well. We have several well know speakers from the stickmaking world this year.


Working day on May 16th, bring your natural one-piece sticks (not thumbsticks) starts 10-00am

Jig & Tool afternoon on July 18th, come along with your gadgets, tips & tricks and share them with others, starts 1-30pm

AGM September 26th

"The Great Dorset Do" October 3rd



Two of our members, Mike Passfield and Paul Humphriss, were asked to go along to the hut of the 5th New Forest (east) Marchwood scouts on two consecutive Tuesday evenings in March to give a teach-in to the boys (and girls) of the troop on basic stick-dressing. This is Paul's account:

Gone are the days when the long stick or stave was part of the boy scout uniform, but nevertheless kids today still like to have a stick and to use a knife to decorate it, so we were pleasantly surprised to find that despite the recent bad publicity surrounding knives and children, they all had their own knives of various designs which were all reasonably sharp and well looked after.

We turned up on the first evening not really knowing what to expect, but Mark the scout leader soon got things organised and divided the children, who were aged around 11 to 13, up into two groups of about twelve so that we could take one group each. Thanks to the stick-cutting day at Fordingbridge on the 24th January, Mike was able to provide each of them with a hazel stick which although not straight, was green enough for the bark to be easily removed.        

We began with basic safety tips in the hope that they would finish the evening with the same number of fingers that they started with and then showed them how to use masking tape to form a straight line around the stick which they could use as a starting point for removing the bark. Then they were shown how to form a domed end to the stick using files and rasps while the work was held in a workmate. We also showed them how to form a vee-shaped notch around the stick and how to produce a flat on which they could burn their name at a later stage.


As you are well aware, kids today are a noisy lot and the racket in the hall was something to behold but they were all very eager, enthusiastic and keen to learn – even if some of them were determined to use the sticks as weapons against one another! The time passed surprisingly quickly and after about an hour and a half, they had all achieved something they could be proud of.

Knowing what to expect, we turned up the second week and carried on with some refinements. We used masking tape to form a spiral around a section of the stick so that they could achieve a barley-sugar effect, we showed them how to use surforms and half-round files to form finger-holds and we had a couple of pyrography machines so that they could write their names on the aforementioned flats.

At the end of the session, despite a few cuts and burns to their fingers, they all had something worthwhile to take home and show Mum and hopefully the skills to add to what they had already done. Mike and I then headed off to the pub for a well-earned drink and raised a glass to scout masters up and down the country who, in our opinion, deserve a medal for what they do.